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Ceremonies debut full length album to be titled, "Imagination Isn't Dead"

By Preston Hazard
Twitter: @PrestonH_Golf
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Back in 2013, indie rock band, "The Ceremonies" established themselves as a band to be watched, with their hit single, "Land of the Gathering"

Here's a link to the song and it's video on YouTube:

The band announced the name of their debut full length album which will be titled, "Imagination Isn't Dead" on their Instagram account yesterday:

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We’re back. Our first full length album will be titled, “IMAGINATION ISN’T DEAD.” A post shared by THE CEREMONIES (@theceremonies) on Feb 27, 2019 at 11:51am PST
The Band has been alluding to the production of this album for new almost six months, and considering that they haven't released a single since 2016, it's about time we get another taste of this incredible band.

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