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TB to the time Bubba Watson came over to me, and asked me to take a photo with him

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National Walkout Day from a Mills Perspective

Students gather out side Lewis S. Mills High school in Burlington Connecticut, in an attempt to end gun violence.

*Note from author: This article is based on acquired facts and doesn't represent the author or Lewis S. Mills High school's political views.

   Last Wednesday,  students from over 2,000 across America left class to protest gun violence.
The advent was student lead and was a direct response to the Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this year. The advent also pertained to the Columbine High School Massacre, as it was held on the it's 19th anniversary.The following images were taken during the advent by photographer Preston Hazard in an attempt to show Lewis S. Mills High School's side of the story:

Students take turns telling their opinions throughout the advent.

Officers keep a watchful eye during the advent.

Students hold handmade signs to protest gun violence.

Wide angle view of advent.

Once again, this article is purely intended for …

One World Trade Center

View of Liberty Island from Observation Deck of One World Observatory.

              While I've been inside the World Train center may times, and I've photographed the out side of the magnificent building, I've never photographed inside... so here you go.

Inside One World Train Center Manhattan New York.

John Flywheel provides soundtrack for episode of Amazon's "The Garbage Can Man Show"

March 12th, 2018

By Preston Hazard

  I'm so excited to announce that my newest episode of Amazon's The Garbage Can Man Show will

include an authentic 90s soundtrack! S04E08 aka "Johnsons in the Hood" will include music from

John Flywheel, an American Punk band from Reading Pennsylvania. The episode, (which will be the

shows twenty-third episode to date) is set to make It's Amazon debut on April 10th, 2018.

Behind the scenes of "River Raves" by Preston Hazard

By Preston Hazard
March 4, 2018

   One of my most well known photos "River Rave" took hours to capture. This is a collection of never before seen behind the scenes photos from that day.
 Top veiw of my 5D Mkii
Rear side of my camera set to a 1" exposure.

The Garbage Can Man Show "It Won't Stop Leaking" (S04E07)

Check out the newest episode of Amazon's "The Garbage Can Man Show" written by Chris Smith.: