See ya next year Instagram!

By Preston Hazard
Twitter: @PrestonH_Golf
Facebook: @PrestonHazard
Instagram: @officialprestonhazard

So, if your here, you probably came wondering why I temporally disabled my Insta... right? Well, here's a more in depth explanation as to why I made such a bold move: I JUST WANT A BREAK! I know it sounds crazy but, social media in general I feel, is detrimental to not just my but, everyones health. I timed myself (roughly) and found that I spend over three hours per day on Instagram alone... INSTAGRAM ALONE! That's over TWENTY-ONE hours a week! That's literally insane. Now I'm not usually just on Instagram. If you factor in all the other stuff I do on my phone. in general. Stuff like texting people, listening to music, googling random stuff, ect... I spend so many more hours staring at that little rectangle than I do actually talking to the people I call, "friends". So that's why this January, I'm flying to a small secluded country across the world, and I'm going to ditch my phone out right. There will be no way to contact me whatsoever for a whole week. However, if you really need to contact me this week you can always send me an email here: So, yeah... Merry Christmas!


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