Tony Finau commits to Travelers Championship 2019

Photo of Tony Finau

By Preston Hazard
Twitter: @PrestonH_Golf
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Instagram: @officialprestonhazard

Tony Finau who has made appearances multiple times my series, "The Garbage Can Man Show" has just confirmed that he is on his way to the Travelers Championship this June!

Tony, who is a constituent top ten, and one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour (USA) made his professional debut in 2007, and his PGA (USA) Tour debut in 2014 has just confirmed he will be attending the 2019 Travelers Championship. The tournament itself has been voted top Tournament or the year for multiple years now, has always attracted a massive attendance. Last year, Tony skipped Connecticut all together due to a leg injury he sustained at the Masters Championship. We'll be onsite the whole week, and will be following up with him then.

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