I get so many questions a day, so here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

Q: Can I give you a story or topic to write/talk about on your site or in your podcast?

A: Absolutely, I'm always looking for cool and interesting things to talk about! send a formal email with your name, email, and location of the event to Press@PrestonHazard.com!

Q: I have an awesome idea for an episode of your show, can I send you my screenplay?

A: Due to standard policy enforced by all major studios, we are NOT allowed to accept unsolicited pitches from the general public, thank you.

Q: I have a private event I would like you to film, how much do you charge per hour?

A: As long as it's close enough for me to drive to, email me the time, location, event type, and price range to prestonhazard@prestonhazard.com