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Welcome to the official webpage of Amazon's upcoming series, "Fundamentally cynical"

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Fundamentally Cynical is an animated T.V. series created by Preston Hazard. The premise of the show revolves around a overly happy (and some what moronic) camp councilor, named Lizard Boy, and a group of highly cynical campers. LB is the main counsellor at, "Camp Dingle-dork. "The series is set to premiere its first season on Amazon Prime Video in January 2019. Our now track is now available across platforms, listen to it here!

List of current Fundamentally Cynical Characters:

Lizard Boy  - Played by Preston Hazard

Hugh Dingle Dork - Played by Preston Hazard

Campers (all played by Preston Hazard)

Toad Lick



Episode one of, "Fundamentally Cynical" is quickly reaching It's air date! Be sure to head over to Amazon this new year to check it out!


Check out the official Fundamentally Cynical blog!


Series pilot episode name announced:

The name of the first episode is... "Camp Dingledork". While it seams to be the norm in the film world to name the pilot after it's position in the series lineup, we're taking a more... unconventional approach. Don't miss it this January!


Official "FC" websites:

This page, the Pow Animation Studio Facebook page: Official Pow Animation Studio Facebook page, our official Instagram, and IMDb are the only OFFICIAL sites to obtain info about the series at this point. Which means, If you are reading somewhere else (ie twitter) It's not official...


Episode #1

Whats going on behind the scenes?, Sept 24, 2015
As we work on development of the series, we understand that we have not been very active as far as posting production updates. So, here is a screen shot of the new episode to hold you over. Also, over the next few weeks, check back here to read updates, because I'll be posting every week or so.


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