(Above Picture) Students gather outside Lewis S. Mills High school in Burlington Connecticut, in an attempt to end gun violence. (All Images are original)

*Note from the author: This article is based on acquired facts and doesn't represent the author or Lewis S. Mills High school's political views.

Last Wednesday, students from over 2,000 schools across America left class to protest gun violence.

The advent was student lead and was a direct response to the shooting at Marjory Stone-man Douglas High School earlier this year. The advent also pertained to the Columbine High School Massacre, as it was held on the 19th anniversary. The following images were taken during the advent by photographer Preston Hazard in an attempt to show Lewis S. Mills High School's side of the story:

  • Once again, this article is purely intended for educational purposes and does not represent the political views of Author Preston Hazard or the staff at Lewis S. Mills.