(Above Picture) Bubba Watsons takes a swing at this morning's Pro-Am (Original photo by Preston Hazard)

By Preston Hazard

  • Published June 20th, 2018.

  • Updated February 2nd, 2021

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day at one of Connecticut's biggest attractions, the annual Travelers Championship. Held exclusively at TPC River Highlands, in Cromwell, the Travelers Championship was voted Tournament of the year in 2017 due to Its large gathering of big-name players. I was able to sit down and talk to one of these players, two-time Masters winner Bubba Watson.

After making his way down the side of the green, signing more hats, flags, and golf balls, then I've ever seen in my life, Bubba sat down and answered some of my questions. The First question I asked pertained to the course and how it stacked up to other courses he had played on tour. Bubba answered, "“Well obviously it's a beautiful course it's always in perfect shape and you know It's miscued because we look at the beauty of all the fans that show up, the sponsor support, all of that. So you know it kind of plays into the whole picture. And you know, my whole game is about imagination, so when I look at the golf course, I look at the fan participation, I look at the sponsor participation, so Travelers puts on a great tournament.”

Bubba Watson, as well as an exceptionally talented golfer, is also one of the longest drivers on tour, with an average distance of 313.6 yards per drive. Being a long driver myself, and knowing that it can pose challenges when playing consistently around others, I asked if it posed any challenges for him. He laughed and said, “No it proves that I can out drive them. So it's a, it makes it fun when I'm not on tour and I'm just playing my buddies. Playing with my caddy, playing with my friends at home you know. I’m always just trying you know, just trying to hit it even harder because, you know I’m not worried about (the) score, you're just having fun with your buddies. Um, so I actually like it a lot better free it up and just swing for the fences,”

That was my exclusive interview with Bubba Watson. For press, inquiries contact me at press@prestonhazard.com