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Strange Sense of Comfort is a Hard Rock/ Blues rock band from Harwinton Connecticut formed in July 2020 by Preston Hazard (Rhythm Guitar/vocals), Kevin Wood (Lead Guitar), and Dave Abbruzzese (Drums). Our music is guitar-driven rock. We've been described as anything from Hard rock to Seattle rock, but we prefer to just be called rock. Our goal is to bring hard rock in its most pure form to as many people as we can!

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Current members:

Preston Hazard - Rhythm Guitar, vocals, bass (studio only)

Kevin Wood - Lead Guitar

Keith Smoker - Bass (live only)

Dave Abbruzzese - drums

Former Members:

Chad Channing - Drums (studio)

"Fire" Music Video

More of our music:

Press Release for our debut record by Keith Smoker (Written prior to joining our lineup)

Artist: Strange Sense of Comfort

Debut Album Title: Music to Blow Your Head Off

Release Date: 7/3/2021 (Digital platforms including VEVO and YouTube)

Label: Underground Records

Underground Records is excited to announce the release of “Strange Sense of Comfort” and their debut album “Music to Blow Your Head Off”. This East/West U.S. remote collaboration, spearheaded and produced by Harwinton Ct. absurdist animator Preston Hazard and several northwestern rock legends, delivers an experimental heavy guitar-driven bluesy sound.

The music is described by Hazard and Seattle-based lead guitarist Kevin Wood (Malfunkshun) as “Psychedelic Boogie” or just "Hard Rock", the prior being borrowed from an old review of a “Cream” album.

A beautifully concrete drum sound is precisely administered by Texas legend Dave Abruzzese (Pearl Jam, Hairy Apes BMX), and bass by Hazard of Harwinton Ct.

The 9 track album, started in August of 2020, is a concept album describing dark emotions surrounding a difficult time in Hazard’s teen years in a new school, which was also a journey of self-discovery.

The band formed with the help of Joe Daniels (Local H) who had been doing voices on Hazard’s Amazon Prime show “Fundamentally Cynical.” Daniels introduced Hazard to Abruzzese, a big fan of the show. Abruzzese suggested they start a band and call Wood to join.

The band name is attributed to the comfort of shared influences such as “The Doors”, “The Who”, “Tom Petty”, “Alvin Lee”, “John Lee Hooker”, “Stevie Ray Vaughn”, “Mother Love Bone”, and the list goes on.

Singles include “Do You Want To Be Me”, and “Fire”.

Kevin Martin of Candlebox says of S.S.C: “Very Progressive, I like where these guys are heading”.

Discography and Singles:

Debut studio record "Music to Blow Your Head Off"

Guitar, bass, vocals - Preston Hazard

Guitar, mixing - Kevin Wood

Drums - Dave Abbruzzese

Additional drums - Chad Channing

Single "Fire"

Guitar, drums, bass, vocals - Preston Hazard

Lead guitar, mixing - Kevin Wood

Single "Do You Want to Be Me"

Lead guitar, bass, vocals - Preston Hazard

Drums - Dave Abbruzzese


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Members of SSC preforming at the Jeff Paul memorial concert in PA

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